Bonnie McKenzie

Speech-Language Pathologist, Fluency Specialist


Helping clients achieve their speech & language goals for over 30 years

Our Philosophy

Welcome to McKenzie Speech Center!  We provide speech & language services for all ages.  Our underlying philosophy is "do what it takes to help each client achieve his or her speech & language goals."  This translates into flexibility and offering a variety of options. Flexibility, expertise, and comprehensive programming are the keys to faster progress.  For children, this means extensive parent training and family involvement.  For teens and adults it may mean identifying and eliminating roadblocks to progress. Our flexible methodologies are customized for each individual and in addition to individual therapy may include family training and specialized groups for "carryover" of new speech patterns for young children.  For preteens, teens, and adults, therapy may include intensive "camps", special techniques, strategies for increasing self-confidence, use of computerized bio-feedback or even devices such as the SpeechEasy. 

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The adult transfer- maintenance group has been meeting Tuesdays for over 30 years!

Areas of Practice

Stuttering/fluency disorders

Comprehensive programs are available for all ages.  The goal of therapy is to establish natural sounding speech patterns which allow a person to maintain fluency in everyday speaking situations- including stressful or previously difficult situations.  For older children and adults, computer and video feedback is utilized to shape speech.  For young children, speech is modified through play therapy.  Intensive Fluency Training Classes are conducted in the summer months.  Transfer- Maintenance Groups for Preteens, Teens and Adults meet weekly year round.  Stuttering is a very complex speech disorder which usually begins between the ages of 2 and 5.  Early identification of At Risk Stuttering signs is important before a child begins to view speaking as difficult and himself as a "stutterer."  Although there is no cure for chronic stuttering, adults can learn to successfully manage stuttering through the use of fluency targets.


Articulation and Language disorders

Articulation disorders (difficulty producing speech sounds) and Language Disorders (difficulty understanding language and /or expressing thoughts, feelings and experiences) usually begin in early childhood and if not corrected can affect school performance and become life long challenges. An evaluation is conducted to determine the particular needs of a child so that goals can be established along with the parents/caregivers. Therapy sessions for articulation and language are one-on-one private sessions.  Group sessions may be recommended for working on social language skills.

Business communication/voice improvement

Effective communication is essential for people of all walks of life.  Video feedback is used to help individuals develop and maintain a "winning" voice and successful business communication skills.  An accent reduction program is available to those who wish to minimize or reduce an accent. The first step is evaluation to determine a client's needs and goals.  Private, one-on-one therapy sessions focus on helping an individual meet his/her particular goals. Clients are also encouraged to call our phone "practice line" daily in order to practice specific speech or voice patterns.  

If you stutter, you are not alone.
— National Stuttering Association


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